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Incredible and edible


Join CBBC’s Stefan Gates in his mission to make cooking adventurous with these two inventive recipes that you and

your child can make together









This is lunch served in a whole loaf of bread.

You just hollow a loaf out, fill it with food and pop the lid back on. It’s based on a classic dish from Provence, in the south of France, called a panbagnat. You can put pretty much any

combination of food into the


loaf – just don’t use soggy ingredients or it’ll disintegrate before you get around to eating it. The classic French version uses grilled vegetables, but you could also try fish and chips or simply fi ll it with ham, cheese, tomatoes and salad.


Makes 6 portions (depending on the size of your loaf)


What you’ll need

Knife, clingfilm



1 loaf of good bread (not sliced)

Leftover pasta with Bolognese sauce

1 jar of roasted pepper antipasti




With an adult, slice the top off your loaf, about one quarter of the way down, keeping it in one piece. Lift it off and put it aside.


Pull most of the soft bread innards out using your fingers, but leave a good 3cm or so at the bottom, otherwise the whole thing will collapse!


Put a layer of roasted peppers at the bottom of the loaf, then tip in a good amount of leftover pasta and Bolognese sauce. Pack it in firmly, then top with another layer of peppers.


Put the lid back on. Wrap the whole thing in clingfilm and put it in the fridge with a weight on top. Try a plate weighed down with cans of food.


Leave it for a few hours to chill out. To eat, unwrap it and cut into slices like a cake.



Make your own cola


This tastes like a homemade version of the leading brands of cola. To make the real stuff you need all sorts of gubbins. This recipe is much easier – If

there’s any ingredient you can’t find, don’t worry. If you’ve got most of them


you’ll probably still make a fantastic drink.


Makes 1 bottle of concentrate


What you’ll need

Grater, large saucepan, sieve, large bowl, clean tea towel, clean bottle



2 oranges, 2 limes, 1 lemon

1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated

4 drops vanilla flavouring

1 tsp ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder from chemists)

Large pinches ground nutmeg and ground cinnamon

Large pinch ground star anise

1 tsp caramel colouring (optional)

200ml water

450g caster sugar

50g dark brown muscovado sugar




Grate the zest of the oranges, lemons and limes and put it in a saucepan. Squeeze the lemon, lime and orange juice into the saucepan, and throw away the leftovers.


Put all the other ingredients except the sugars into the saucepan, add 200ml of water, put a lid on and with adult help, simmer gently for 20 minutes. Add the sugars and stir until dissolved.


Put the sieve on the large bowl, lay the tea towel over and pour the liquid through. Discard the mucky bits and keep the syrup in the fridge.


To make a glass of cola, pour 60ml of your syrup

into a glass and add 200ml fizzy water.








January/February 2013

All information is correct at time of publishing