Snow is made when tiny ice

crystals inside clouds stick

together and become a snowflake. You can make pretend snow, then build your very own snowpeople!

We used to be



You will need...



2 cups baking powder

Most rain starts off as snow. But it melts before it gets to the ground and turns into raindrops

2 cups shaving foam

Mix the ingredients with your hands. Your snow should be crumbly, but stick together if you pat it into a snowball.

If the mixture is too crumbly, add more shaving foam. If it’s too wet, add more baking soda.

Now you can make me and some friends to chill with!

Sprinkle your soft snow!

Now make a snowy person

Roll two snowballs to make your snowperson’s body and head. Try adding googly eyes to decorate.

Hi!Nice to meet you

Sensible science!



Doesyour snow feel like real snow?

Can you hear your snow squelching?

Have you ever seen real snow?

This hat and scarf will keep me warm and cosy. Thanks!

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LOOK I’m a Scientist is a colourful and

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November/December 2017

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