Great expectations



Tumble Tots has launched an exciting new game

app featuring all your favourite characters!


Tumble Tots Fun Adventures is based on the Tumble Tots animation episode Jungle Adventure. Our adorable Tumble Tots

characters TT, Spike, Jo Jo, Leesey and Jack, their cute little puppy, are sent into a magical jungle where they meet and help an elephant puzzle tied up in a knot, three speckled frogs who are looking for a missing piece of their pond, as well as a very cute little monkey needing help to decorate her room.


Young players can choose from six fun game types with each one comprising three levels of difficulty. There are a total of 18 stickers to collect on completion of the games that can be pasted and repasted into different scenes from the story. There’s also an accompanying storybook that tells the Jungle Adventure story.


The FREE VERSION of the app includes one of the six games and the storybook.